Written by Stacey Moore

Business Hub – Benefits of Psychometric & Competence-based Assessments


Competence-based assessments are becoming more popular in the corporate world. More organizations are beginning to invest resources in competence-based assessments, as they see the benefits of aligning their employees’ competence potentials with their strategic plans.

By putting assessment processes in place, organizations can measure critical competence and take the necessary steps to address areas that need development or to change the tasks that employees perform.

Ways that competence-based assessments can benefit the organization:

  1. Assists in the Recruitment Process: By conducting competence and personality trait assessments, management can use this data to make hiring decisions based on the closeness of fit between an applicant and the organization. (Find the right competence for the relevant work areas).
  2. Identifies Job-related Development Needs: Competence-based assessments can help evaluate employees’ competence potentials against specific job requirements and identify gaps for improvement. Employee development is a prerequisite to stay competitive in the global marketplace.
  3. Supports Continuous Improvement: Competence-based assessments allow you to check and document performance as it relates to organizational and job-specific competencies. This information can be used to support evaluations and for professional growth.
  4. Increases Job Satisfaction: Assessing competencies can help motivate and engage your employees. It assists organizations to recognize the skills, knowledge and potential that employees possess, and it empowers them to take control of their career development.

The Coffee & Muffin session at the Business Hub was on the above topic, was well attended and a lot of interest has been generated with our associated company exprobico (Germany) with regards to the probico competence check and the R.O.L.E (personality) check.

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