Written by Stacey Moore

Finding your Power in Tough Times – Business Seminar (13th February 2019)

Sheldon Human Capital Solutions is all about people. People make a community and we are all part of that community.  It is in supporting each other and sharing experiences that the strength of a community is found.

Tough times lie ahead for all of us.  It’s Sheldon’s wish, with their renowned and experienced team, to offer their services and advice to assist with surviving these tough times.

MC, Niels Andersen, set the scene and the speakers each conveyed a specific message:

Adv. Paul Hoffman – it’s election year, what can we expect, what are the risks, what are the positives – all is not lost but be prepared for post-election challenges.

Kim van Kets – what are you scared of? SA is magnificent, so engage and thrive!

Elise Burns-Hoffman – leadership with purpose, the benefits of business coaching, building trust and engagement in the workplace and attaining the best outcomes.

Peter van Kets – how to face adversity, prepare yourself mentally and face the challenges.

Aubrey Bahula – it’s not what you say, it’s what you do that counts. Equip your company with the right tools to get accountability at the lowest levels and create a winning culture.

The seminar ended with the message that it’s possible for organizations to be successful in tough times, with engaged and empowered employees.

Master of Ceremonies – Niels Andersen

Aubrey Bahula – Sheldon HCS Director & Principal at Activios

Speaker – Advocate Paul Hoffman

Nicola van Heerden & Mary Scogings attended from Caltex EC Marketer as well as Carol Wathen from the Daily Dispatch

Glynis Bentley registering a client

Tessa Taylor registering Sameera Jenkins from Life Hospital