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Peter is a professional extreme adventurer, highly sought after international business inspirational keynote speaker, bestselling author and father. He has become globally known as a specialist around business’ ability to persevere in a dynamic and turbulent economy. 

His presentations and inspirational talks are based around our ability to be resilient in a turbulent environment both personally and professionally. There are many angles of endurance, resilience, resolve and grit that he uses, but most importantly they are all real hard lessons that he has learned from his expeditions in wild and beautiful parts of our planet.


Various conferences – from Kick-off Conferences to Strategic Sessions with executive teams

Leadership Program – “The leading Edge” (with Kim van Kets and Josh Hayman)

Links to Peter’s TALKS:

“Every venture you embark on, both in a professional and personal capacity, will demand clear vision, dynamic strategy, precise planning and preparation, absolute honesty, integrity and fearlessness, but above all it will demand GRIT, perseverance!! So, if we put the right processes in place and we persevere we will absolutely be able to achieve those things we have considered ‘impossible’ before.” – Peter Van Kets

Motivational Talks & Workshops List


‘Peter is one of the most authentic and fascinating speakers we have ever worked with. He is a real master of motivation.’

Michael Göbel – CEO Daimler Benz Compact Car Division – Budapest Conference 

‘In 17 years of listening to motivational speakers at eTravel, he was undoubtably the best! He simply hit the spot!’

Garth Wolff – CEO – eTravel Conference

‘Peter Van Ketz was the highlight of our conference. Totally inspirational!’

Dennis Itami – CEO – AIM Conference 2016, Branson USA

‘Rarely does one meet such an engaging and compelling individual. Pete has a connection with his audience that is phenomenally inspirational.’

Greg Till – Sales Exec. – Astrapack Conference 

‘Peter’s talk was definitely one of the very best I have heard – and I have heard many! His presentation is a fantastic example of the vision, planning, courage and discipline required to succeed in any venture. The talk is filled with insights of leadership, teamwork, focus and the ability to endure almost unbelievable stress and hardship. He is outstanding example of a truly authentic and humble hero.’

Prof. Andy Andrews – Head of Academics (Business School), MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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