Written by Stacey Moore

Tips on Submitting your CV to a Recruitment Agency

Searching for a job can be a tricky business. If you are applying through a Recruitment Agency, you need to ensure that your CV stands out, as they receive 100’s of CV’s every day.

The first step towards getting your dream job is to make sure your CV impresses the person reading it.

To increase your chance of getting noticed, try following these tips:

  1. Make your CV easy to read – due to the large volume of CVs that are received daily, recruiters only have enough time to scan through them to find any relevant information. To have a poorly laid out CV is a sure-fire way to confuse the person reading it and it will increase the chances of your CV being overlooked.


  • Make sure the layout of your CV is easy to follow, and that you clearly distinguish between your personal information, your education history and your work history.
  • Check that everything listed under your education history clearly states what type of qualification you’ve achieved e.g. Degree, Diploma, Certificate, etc.
  • Ensure your work history begins with your most recent position first, and then travels back to your earliest positions.
  • For every position on your CV, under your work history, ensure that you clearly state the dates you started and ended, the duties you performed and your reasons for leaving.
  • Finally, look at your CV from an outsider’s perspective – could you follow your CV?
  1. Avoid submitting a scanned or photographed CV – most recruiters use recruitment software to help them deal with the large volume of CV’s they receive. Unfortunately, these programmes cannot read scanned documents and so your scanned CV might get lost in the crowd.


  • Submit your CV as a Microsoft Word document.
  • If you’re worried about your formatting getting displaced if submitted as a Word document, save the document as a PDF and submit this instead.
  1. Fill in all fields when applying online – when submitting your CV online, you are often dealing directly with the agency’s recruitment software, so the more details you fill in here, the easier it is for recruiters to find your CV later and/or the easier it is for them to match your skills with a current vacancy.


  • Make sure you have either attached a (non-scanned) CV or you have filled in your full work and education history.
  • List all your possible contact details, correctly.
  • Complete as many fields as you possibly can.

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