Written by Stacey Moore


For your policies and procedures to be effective, they need to address genuine needs within a business, making your employees willing and even eager to implement them because they make daily operations smoother and give the business added credibility.

It is easiest to implement policies and procedures, into your company, if they are well designed and relevant to the needs and goals of your business and your employees. (At Sheldon Human Capital Solutions, we are able to assist with the quality design and successful implementation of all your policies & procedures).

Suggested processes to follow:

1. The first step to ensuring compliance begins with involving the leaders of each section of the organization. This will ensure that:

  • policies are not misunderstood
  • the correct terminology is used
  • it makes sense to the employees

2. Prepare a document where you list the policies and procedures that you wish to implement. It is important to include the following information:

  • the purpose of each procedure, and
  • the objectives that they intend to accomplish

3. Hold an initial meeting with staff where you provide an overview of the policies and procedures that you wish to implement. Then hold smaller meetings with more specific instructions regarding how the policies and procedures apply to them.

4. Make sure that all relevant policies and procedures are easily accessible to your employees. That employees from any department and at any level are able to find the policies that apply to them. This will help ensure they do not get frustrated and abandon their attempt at being compliant.

5. Once the policies and procedures are finalized, meet with all department managers to ensure that they have a plan in place for ensuring that all their employees are trained on each relevant procedure.

When implementing new policies and procedures, it is important to note that open communication is the key to their successful implementation. It is also pertinent to ensure employees have full understanding and sign a register or document to acknowledge this understanding.

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